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Enjoying European Art OnlineThe art and architecture of Europe offers an overwhelming array of choices that is sure to exhaust even the most dedicated art lover. If you are planning a trip to Europe, or just want a better understanding of European art, this course will introduce you to the most important works of European art on a personal and familiar level. You'll learn where to find the works, how to get the most out of the viewing experience, and you'll receive a wealth of commentary and interesting historical information based on the instructor's deep love of art and culture and extensive travel experiences.

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All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses, please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.

Week One
Wednesday - Lesson 01
In this lesson, you'll learn how this course will enhance your appreciation and recognition of the greatest artworks of all time. You'll see the importance of the way hundreds of images included within the lessons of this course are already linked to the World Wide Web for easy exploration. We'll discuss how to make the best use of the wealth of information available about art, artists, and their fascinating times, as well as how to access world class museums like the Louvre in Paris.

Friday - Lesson 02
Today, you'll plunge into the extensive artistic contributions of Italy. In fact, this country is so rich with art that I've divided the study of Italy into two lessons. In this lesson, we'll focus on magnificent paintings and sculpture of great Renaissance artists like Michelangelo and Raphael. We'll make sure to define art terminology with a few simple sentences to help you follow along.

Week Two
Wednesday - Lesson 03
The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the monumental architecture of Italy. As with the paintings and sculpture, you'll see the buildings themselves and read a short commentary on each. This lesson is designed to give you a feel for the history and important artistic aspects associated with the architecture. You'll get the chance to explore Pompeii, which was buried by volcanic ash 2,000 years ago, in your online assignment.

Friday - Lesson 04
We'll take a walk through the fascinating museums of Paris in this lesson where you'll meet the Mona Lisa, Impressionist artists like Monet and Degas, the Cubist Picasso and Henri Matisse. Each time we enter a new country, we'll go over a brief history of artistic expression in that country. And we'll discuss art styles as we go along. You'll even understand about the style called Dada, which means "baby talk" in German.

Week Three
Wednesday - Lesson 05
Whether you like Chateaux or the grandeur of palaces, you'll enjoy learning about the most famous ones in this lesson. Today, we'll be exploring Roman architecture in France. Don't forget today's assignment, which takes you to the architectural space of the great caves in France with their spectacular ancient wall paintings. This lesson's easy-to-use links will help you access the latest online information and images of the recently found cave called Chauvet, used by artists 30,000 years ago.

Friday - Lesson 06
In this lesson, we'll review a brief history of artistic influences in England, stemming from Roman invaders to Christian themes that mix with Celtic interlocking design. You'll see examples of all these ideas while we visit the huge British Museum. There, you'll investigate the Parthenon marble sculptures created in Greece over 2,000 years ago. Next, we'll peruse the National Gallery's collection of lush portraits and landscapes by Thomas Gainsborough and others, plus visionary works by William Blake and the bewitching women of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Week Four
Wednesday - Lesson 07
Today, we'll explore both prehistoric sites like Stonehenge and medieval Gothic Cathedrals like Westminster Abbey. We'll visit the imposing Blemheim Palace, which will give us a chance to discuss landscape gardens of England. The palace is surrounded by acres of planned vistas and artificial lakes created by the famous Capability Brown.

Friday - Lesson 08
Today, we'll discuss the importance of print making by looking at the work of the fascinating artist, Albrecht Dürer. You'll enjoy works from the Egyptian Museum, like the beautiful bust of Queen Nefertiti. You'll get to know "Mad" King Ludwig of Bavaria and his idea of the perfect castle, Neuschwanstein. As in every lesson, you'll be able to click on the image within the lesson an be directed to the World Wide Web for more images and information.

Week Five
Wednesday - Lesson 09
Today, you'll learn all about the great Vincent Van Gogh's works and how his alternating bouts with depression affected his artistic expression. You'll be impressed by the exquisitely painted scenes of Rembrandt and luminous works of Vermeer, as well as many other Dutch painters. We'll even visit the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art to see the dreamlike paintings of Marc Chagall, and you'll learn why some artists thought the abstract style was the essence of beauty.

Friday - Lesson 10
You'll see the importance of this lesson expressed in the glory of Vienna, where emperors, artists, and musicians joined to support and create new styles and new sounds. You'll meet artists like Gustave Klimt, who revealed his own heart in rich paintings, and you'll understand why Art Nouveau arose in the streets of Vienna. We'll take a long look at the extensive collections of these wealthy rulers, including works by Raphael and Caravaggio, whose paintings match his dramatic personality.

Week Six
Wednesday - Lesson 11
Today, we'll go over the many different styles and artists of Spain. We'll visit the Salvador Dalí Museum to enjoy his surreal take on life. We'll also explore the work of Diego Velázquez, painter to the royal family, and Pablo Picasso's war-protest piece called Guernica. Then we'll go to Toledo to spend time with the ethereal works of El Greco, the Greek.

Friday - Lesson 12
In our final lesson, I want to give you a feeling for the culture of Spain through the architecture. To do this, we'll travel through time and space to see and learn about architecture from the 10th century through the 20th century. We'll look at the fantastic cathedral of Antoni Gaudí, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the extraordinary 16th century monastery palace called San Lorenzo de El Escorial, and an eight-story-tall apartment building in Barcelona that was purposely built without a straight wall or sharp corner.

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This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Diane Scott.

Diane Scott is an art historian and seasoned world traveler. She has over 15 years of teaching experience, both in the classroom and on television. Diane earned degrees with Highest Honors from the University of California in both Art History and Art Studio, the practice of art. Her Master's degree is in the field of art history. In 1997, she received a full grant from the Great Teachers Program as well as funding from the International Studies Program at Sacramento City College to pursue her interests in transdisciplinary approaches to global art. Besides European art, Diane really enjoys the arts of non-Western Cultures such as the Maya. She is a certified instructor with the Cuyamungue Institute in New Mexico, an anthropological research and teaching institution. She is also a writer, editor and member of the local arts organization in her community.

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Internet access, e-mail, the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser, and the Adobe Flash and PDF plug-ins (two free and simple downloads you obtain at by clicking Get Adobe Flash Player and Get Adobe Reader).

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Student Reviews:

  • "An excellent course on the history of art. Diane had the ability to transport me back to the Louvre in France and to the museum in London to relive what I had already seen and enjoyed. Outstanding!!"
  • "As an art teacher, it never hurts to get a little refresher course in art history. I loved this course -- it touched on a wide variety of locations, interests, and styles. After four years of art history courses, we never covered this much...and this was way more fun!"
  • "Awesome class. I feel I learned so much about Art. Loved the course. Thanks"
  • "Before taking the final exam, I went back over major areas of the course. Before that I already had felt the course was a wonderful thing. But now I see it as something more than that. Such a fine mixture of European art, architecture and history. Magnificent."
  • "Can't begin to say how much I enjoyed this course. Since I am going through an adjustment period - my only child leaving home for college, the death of my Father and becoming a primary caregiver for my Mother- the flexiblity of the course and personable,easy style of writing meet both my physical and emotional needs. Isn't that the beauty of computers, how easily it connects us with others? As a book designer for 25 years, I have always loved to hold printed material in my hand. Your gracious suggestions of printing the lessons have allowed me to compile hundreds of pages which I will peruse again this winter. Thank you so much for providing such an interesting class with a unique format- the possibilities for learning were endless with all the supplementary links. Thanks to you, I have a better idea of where I want to head next- arrivederci, see you in Rome."
  • ""Enjoying European Art Online" encourages me to take even more online art courses where available. My appreciation of European works located in American museums has been greatly enhanced."
  • "Enjoying European Art Online is an excellent course!! Very comprehensive and well written... Diane Scott (the instructor) is very knowledgeable in her field, and presents the material in a way that is interesting, and persuasive, meaning I want to see all of the paintings she has discussed in the class!"
  • "Excellent class. A great introduction to European art and architecture."
  • "Excellent course and instructor!"
  • "Excellent course. Wish there were more like this one (art, history, culture, some travel). Impressed with the knowledge of the instructor."
  • "Excellent teacher with broad knowledge and an excellent sense of humor. On a scale from 1 to 10 she would be a 100!"
  • "Extremely well organized, informative and fun. I would love to take another class from this instructor!"
  • "Great class and very knowledgeable instructor."
  • "Great class. Set up in a different way - by country rather than by time; enjoyed the change."
  • "Great course! I would highly recommend it to others. I learned a lot not only about the art and architecture of Europe, but also a lot of history. Thanks."
  • "Great, practical overview of European art. It was uncanny how many topics of interest to me were covered in the course and in the assignments. I have very little background in art appreciation and this course was perfectly suited to a beginner, with plenty of links when I wanted to follow up in more depth."
  • "Having many friends living in Europe, I am anxious to put on my backpack and go touring with them. The course also awakened the artistic talents I had let get rusty over the years...lots of inspiration both in my own art and personal style."
  • "Hello, This is one of the best course I have ever had in any subject…Her format is extremely easy to follow, very well written, and with the supplementary materials, there is an endless amount of material for anyone's interest level. Thank you very much for an extremely interesting, educational, and fun class."
  • "I absolutely loved everything about this course and I hope Diane will be offering other online courses in the near future."
  • "I checked off "strongly agree" to all of the above questions....not, because I was in a hurry...but, because I was very satisfied with this course. Diane Scott presented art history is such a way that I am anxious to visit and re-visit many of the cities throughout Europe. Diane's syle pulled me into each lesson and encouraged me to check out all of the related websites. Much work went into the preparation of this course and I appreciated how it made it easy for me to research each subject. Thank you."
  • "I'd love to see Diane create more online art courses! I thoroughly enjoyed this class."
  • "I enjoyed every word of the text. I feel the instructor did an incredible job with delivering an enormous amount of material concisely and readably."
  • "I enjoyed learning about the art world through this class. I may never get to see all of these places so it was nice to "see" them through my instructor's eyes. She kept my interest with her lessons. Thanks for making this available to me. It was good to learn of not only the art, but a little history, customs, and even some fun facts of the countries."
  • "I enjoyed the course very much and learned a great deal. The web links took me on a tour of Europe. In addition Diane provided many extra web link and references. She has a depth of knowledge in Art as revealed by the very thorough answers to questions. I will be busy exploring all the additional web links. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to European Art. I learned a lot of history on the way too. This has motivated me to visit some of the places discussed and I look forward to future travels."
  • "I enjoyed the refresher course! I found that I didn't remember quite as much information from my days as a student as I thought! This helped me to dig deeper and find my interest again. Thank you!"
  • "I enjoyed this course and the instructor. The course index is very helpful and the links were great."
  • "I found the 6 weeks very intellectually rewarding. I could use at least another 6 weeks to "do justice to" all the hyperlinks and the online assignments."
  • "I found the course very helpful - many of the works were familiar to me but I had not associated them with their country of origin the way I now do – I enjoyed very much studying country by country. All the links are an incredible resource that I will use for many years. Thanks, Diane, for a great trip!"
  • "I have been visiting museums for so many years and never had an art history class. This has really opened my eyes. Thank you!"
  • "I have very much enjoyed this course, particularly the personal style of writing/lecturing by Diane. Thank you."
  • "I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great class and experience. I was curious to see how a on-line course would feel before I started this. Your prompt responses to my questions and comments made me feel connected to you in a way I don't usually feel in a real classroom. I felt very comfortable commenting and questioning whatever I wanted. You were very encouraging and supportive in your efforts to get people to contribute."
  • "I loved studying this course during the long winter nights. It definitely helped with cabin fever since it was almost like traveling to these places. The links were wonderful, and context interesting."
  • "I loved the course. I was interested in learning more about art and the course helped me get an idea of how to approach this vast area of knowledge. After completing this course, I am inspired to plan the perfect European vacation, so I can see the art personally. The instructor was very friendly. I loved the fact that she shared personal experiences."
  • "I loved this course. Unfortunately I didn't have as much time to work on the assignments as I would have liked but I'm happy I can continue to study European art with the active links. I learned that architecture is really what impressed me the most. Now I need to board a plane and see for myself! I have lots of places to see now and need to learn a few languages! Thanks very much for your hard work in putting together the course--I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
  • "I really enjoyed the class. As a high school teacher, I often feel that I am just teaching the "well-knkown" areas of art and artists. Not only did the instructor cover many of the famous art and artists, but she also went deeper into the art world to show the students that there are more works of art and artists than just those most associated with the art world. I truly learned a great deal of information from this class. Thanks to the instructor. I will definitely take other art classes from her if they are offered!"
  • "I really enjoyed the class. As a high school teacher, I often feel that I am just teaching the "well-known" areas of art and artists. Not only did the instructor cover many of the famous art and artists, but she also went deeper into the art world to show the students that there are more works of art and artists than just those most associated with the art world. I truly learned a great deal of information from this class. Thanks to the instructor. I will definitely take other art classes from her if they are offered!"
  • "I really enjoyed this course, and have a much greater understanding and appreciation for art now. I can't wait to get to a few more European art museums!"
  • "I really enjoyed this course and have found a new love and understanding for art."
  • "I really enjoyed this course. Thanks for making it available. I also thought that Diane was very pleasant and encouraged questions and interaction. Thank you."
  • "I really enjoyed this course. When we visited a museum I could never fully appreciate or understand what I was looking at. Now I feel excited to go back and take another look."
  • "I really loved this course! It is my first experience with an on line course and exceeded all expectations. It was so comprehensive in its scope and had exciting links and well written text. Diane did all she could to get people to join the discussions and to make sure all links were updated as needed. please let me know if Diane or other exceptional teachers, teach any other on line courses."
  • "I really, truly enjoyed this online class, I would definitely recommend this site to others. The instructor was VERY helpful when I had a question, and quick to respond to the discussion area. I learned a lot of interesting facts, although there is an awful lot of information to cover in such a short time. I loved the architecture parts, what fascinating areas of the world, not to mention the buildings!!"
  • "I so enjoyed this class! Diane takes you on a great adventure visiting museums, castles, gardens and parks all over the world sharing with you her wonderful knowledge of art and architecture. I can't wait to go back to Europe and explore and rediscover the art and architecture with a new and better understanding. I hated it to end. Thank you!"
  • "I teach art history/appreciation in my world lit class of 10th graders - can't wait to use this info in the fall - many of the works we study were included in your lessons and the knowledge I've gained will be very valuable"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor's personal introduction to each country. Her enthusiasm for each country made me want to start making travel arrangements immediately!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and Diane was a superb instructor. Her lessons were extremely well written and I enjoyed her sprinkling of humor throughout. I am excited to continue on with my studies of art history as this was a perfect way to begin learning about art that I had seen in France and Italy. After taking this course, my list has grown as to where to go next. Got to get another job to pay for the trips to Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and France!!! Thank you Diane!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I'm going to miss it very much. I hope that the instructor decides to teach another art course because I'll be the first to sign up! It was a very useful way of studying European art. I have taken art history classes in the past but the way in which this course was organized was brilliant. Studying one country's artists at a time gave me a much better understanding of the influences each artist experienced. The discussion of what is housed in each museum was fascinating and visiting the websites was great fun and a fabulous way to study!"
  • "I thought Ms. Scott's writing style, knowledge of the course material, and genuine interest in the subject matter clearly came through to the students. This is the best course I've taken online thus far (and yes, I've taken others)."
  • "I took this class one year after I had traveled to the museums in England, Italy, France and the Netherlands. I think the class was even more interesting after already having seen the actual pieces of art. I thought the suggestions were practical, and I look forward to the museums reviewed in Germany, Austria and Spain. I also feel prepared to sign up for training to be a docent or tour guide at the Minneapolis Institute of Art."
  • "I truly enjoyed this course because of the way Diane presented it. I have just now returned from a virtual European tour of the art and architecture of Europe. I feel I've been on a vacation and was able to take advantage of all it offers. Diane, having been to all of the countries/cities of which she spoke, really made me feel I was there with her. Thank you so much and I hope I will be able to take another course with Diane soon. Thanks Diane."
  • "It was awesome to take a whirlwind tour of the the history of arts. I just was in Europe and appreciate the history and pieces that came from that civilization. This was a very informative class. Awesome!"
  • "I want to thank my instructor, Diane, for developing the course, Enjoying European Art. You are talented in organizing such an overwhelming subject and presenting it in a form which is easily assimilated and understood. I can only aspire to do the same for my family and friends and, perhaps, as a docent for the IMA. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to viewing again the European art and architecture discussed in our course this summer when my family is planning a European trip. With appreciation, Char"
  • "I was not sure about the format - on line art. I absolutely loved it. Enjoyed the links as a way to see a work in detail and at a leisurely pace. The text with references to links is something I will use again and again. The course provided excellent historical information to go with the art. I have take many, many art history classes and I have to say I have learned the most from this because of the interlacing of history, painting, architecture. And you could also feel the instructor’s presence, more than any other on line course I have taken. So I would give the experience a very solid "A". Thank you, Diane."
  • "I would be interested in having this instructor teach similar material in more detail with reference to the artists and art covered. I do feel that she did an exceptional job on the material given and that it would be difficult to find someone of her experience to do a better job. Please consider more art history courses. I will say further that this was the best course that I've experienced here at ed2go."
  • "Love the class -- you have put so much detail into it and the web links to the various sites are awesome! I am going to study more in depth even when the class ends! I am moving back to England in about 3 weeks and am hoping to visit so many of the wonderful museums and architectural places you have presented in this course. 6 weeks was not long enough!"
  • "Most informative, easy style and useful even if I don't go to Europe."
  • "Simply a "divine" class! I'm enjoying every minute of it. The course has been carefully constructed and well-planned.Lesson 9 w/ Vermeer and Rembrandt were definitely eye-openers, especially the close-ups of the paintings. Brilliant!"
  • "Somehow I managed to get through college without an art appreciation course. I have learned information along the way through reading and research, but I found that this course was just what I needed to "fill in the blanks". It was invaluable for my recent trip to Italy. I used the discussion areas until I left for my trip to Italy. Found them helpful and fun. Thank you, Diane, for a wonderful time. This was my first online course -- I will do it again."
  • "Taking part in this class was very gratifying for me. The course was more than a virtual trip to some of the most important art capitals in Europe and to the artistic highlights one finds there. I appreciated especially the clear description and definition of artistic styles and their development throughout the centuries. Equally important for me were the lucid explanations our teacher gave us regarding content, composition, style, form, color, etc. of the art works under consideration. I wished there would be a sequel."
  • "Thanks, Diane for a virtual tour of Western Civilization in art, scupture, architecture and other artistic expressions-a vivid and entertaining journey through European museums and countryside."
  • "Thanks Diane - I learned a great deal from this course. I found myself delving through art history books that have basically sat on my shelf with good intention... I also appreciated the supplementary materials & websites provided. The course spurred a desire to revisit Europe, and this time more fully understand and appreciate (& simply visit with awe) some of the wonders of European art. I visited all too long ago in 1980 with a backpack on by back. I am hoping to plan 2 trips (one to Italy & Spain with a girlfriend from Toronto) and the other to (Berlin, Poland, Munich, Vienna & Paris with my sister from San Diego). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of and enthusiasm for European art!"
  • "Thank you, Diane, for a most enjoyable and informative course. You covered a huge area in styles of art, architecture and European countries. It was certainly intellectually and visually stimulating and encouraging of further learning (not to mention further travel). I was even able to identify a print I saw recently as a Van Gogh painting, although I wouldn't have recognised it as such before doing this course."
  • "Thank you so much. As you stated, you have truly provided me with the "Key to a Treasure Box." I have bicycled in the Loire Valley, visited museums in Paris and London and am planning to visit Paris and London again in June. Now that I am beginning to understand the art and architecture, I will get so much more enjoyment out of my trip. History has never been my strong suit but now at age 66 this course has really excited me. My daughter lives in England so hopefully I will have many opportunities to visit the other countries from your class. Thank you."
  • "Thank you!!!! This course was fulfilling, Diane Scott really knows art history! I learned so much with all the information she shared with us and so many other links to follow that I have information as if I'd attended a whole year of art history in college - it's more! It's much more! I don't have the words! FANTASTIC!!!"
  • "The class was enjoyable and very informative. Seeing the art/architecture on the websites really helped for understanding the lessons. It would be nice to have more classes with art from other countries."
  • "The course exceeded my expectations. I am pleased to have information that will be of help in future travels and "arm chair" travels from now on. I also learned so much about other cultures that I did not know."
  • "The course was an excellent adventure for me. I looked forward to the lessons."
  • "The course was well-prepared by an instructor who obviously has expertise in the arts/humanities. The course was engaging, challenging, and fair. The course included many resources to help you extend your learning and curiousity.The instructor's personal travel experiences enhanced the course and gave it a special touch. The instructor should be commended for a job well done. A stellar course!"
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable, and the material covered was very interesting. The links to further resources were wonderful."
  • "This class helps me greatly in realizing important art works from different perspectives. It's great in bringing the glamorous fun of an European trip and exploring depth of art history that is just right for a wanna-be tourist like me. I want to thank the instructor for her vivid description which leads me to appreciate an art work more than before."
  • "This class was excellent and the instructor was outstanding!! I never expected such quality from an online Art History class."
  • "This class was wonderful! I am an art teacher and needed a class for recertification. This class was fun and informative; the teacher was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to other art teachers."
  • "This course far exceeded my expectations . First Class job by our instructor Diane Scott ."
  • "This course left me wanting more! You could easily devote an entire course to just one of the countries covered."
  • "This course was excellent and very informative. I have always been interested in European architecture and I learned so much in this course. I have seen some of the artwork in person and learning the meaning behind some of these pieces makes me want to go back to see them again. Thank you for a most enjoyable journey!"
  • "This course was great! I am so happy that I elected to take this course. It has been several years since I have been able to travel to Europe, let alone visit the beautiful museums and buildings. You gave me the opportunity to revive my love of European art. I hope someday to be able to use your information and ideas as I visit once again La Belle France. Merci beaucoup!"
  • "This course was real easy for me to undertand and it had enough information. Also, it made me look twice at every piece of art that I run into on a daily basis."
  • "This course was was an excellent overview of European art presented in an enjoyable and interesting manner."
  • "This course went above my expectations. Not just an art-in-the-dark course. Learning about art through travel is a great connection. Thank you!"
  • "This has been the most useful course I have taken as an Art teacher. My students have enjoyed the process as well - as I have shared with them the information we have covered in the course. Thanks for making the course as interesting and entertaining as it has been informative and exciting."
  • "This is a wonderful art history course. Instead of beginning with the earliest known art, you tour European countries and learn about the art from geographical regions. I would like to visit Europe one day and this is a great guide to the 'must see' art there."
  • "This is the best class yet that I have taken. I could not wait for the next lesson to be released. It was easy to understand and gave me a whole new insight into the world of art. Thank you so much."
  • "This was a fantastic course. I liked the way it hit upon the most important works and gave a good, solid foundation for European Art. The links were wonderful."
  • "This was a great class. I have traveled to several of the countries and I am returning to Italy in June. It's fun to read about what I have seen and look forward to seeing Italy again armed with the information from the class."
  • "This was a great class--very informative and fun. I like the instructor's voice and tone, and the class was very well designed."
  • "This was a great course! I began it with the intellectual goal of filling a gap in my education -- I knew practically nothing about art or art history. By the end of the course I had not only learned a great deal but also acquired a strong desire to travel and visit the mseums and architectural highlights described. I am already seeing the architecture in my own city with more understanding. Thank you, Diane! If you offer additional art courses in the future, please let me know."
  • "This was a great overview of what can be a vast and daunting subject matter. I especially liked the explanations of various architectural styles. The supplemental section which allowed viewing of items was extremely useful."
  • "This was an excellent course and well presented! My husband and I had taken a 27 day trip of Europe in September and many of the works that we saw were featured in the course-the works made more sense after the course and I was able to appreciate them more. I would have liked to have taken the course before we went on the trip as well. We are going to London for a week and Paris for a week at the end of May and I plan on being our "art tour guide". Thanks for a great course."
  • "This was a very enjoyable class!"
  • "This was a very enjoyable course with plenty of interesting web links. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in art or architecture."
  • "This was a very informative and useful online course. I hope to use the resources and information learned in my classroom and in my travels. I hope the instructor will have more art history classes like this about other parts of the world."
  • "This was a wonderful course. The instructor really made an effort to inject humor into her lessons and she made ancient art come alive!"
  • "This was fun! I felt like I was taking a road trip across Europe with a friend. Very informative and enjoyable."
  • "This was my first online course and I cannot be happier that I chose this one. This course took me away, if only for a short while, to the beautiful art and architecture of Europe. I've been to Europe twice but I think I've seen more art in this course than in person! A wonderful, fulfilling course with an exceptional teacher. LOVED this course."
  • "This was my first online course and I thorougly enjoyed it. It was packed with a wealth of knowledge and useful information."
  • "Very informational!! I could spend days looking at all the hyperlinks that Diane gives. So much info, a must for anyone going to Europe."
  • "Very thorough, interesting, thought provoking course, taught with intensity, fun, professionalism, extensive first hand knowledge. Great course. Would like to take another course by the same instructor."
  • "We are hoping to visit Europe soon. This class was helpful to give us an overview of what museums to see and interesting spots to visit. I especially liked Diane's storytelling ability to draw the reader into wanting to learn more about the subject. That is truly an art of its own!"
  • "What a GREAT class! Perfect introduction to art and art history. This class definitely helped me develop a greater appreciation for beautiful artwork, a different perspective when viewing art pieces and a great interest to continue studying art history. A great instructor made the class truly enjoyable!"
  • "What a great course and teacher. If I never go overseas, I will remember the vivid pictures that Diane painted for us on her many journeys. I appreciate her sense of humor and her obvious appreciation of all types of art work. My interest in European Art started when I received a huge book from the Nat'l Gallery. I looked forward to the lessons. They were never tedious. I was enthused so much that I have purchased several prints of my favorites, Rembrandt (he's #1), Vermeer, the Girl in the Red Hat, how about that light shining thru the red feathers? and Raphael's Alba Madonna. He really was a genius. I'm gonna mat and frame them for my home. Hope to see more courses of this type. How about European History?"
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