If you are a small or medium enterprise with up to 500 employees in any region of the world, you qualify to be our Certified Corporate Education Partner. PCU’s partnership program is open for all organizations regardless of their nature and size. Once you become our partner, you will be required to communicate the benefits of this partnership to your employees. They will be entitled to huge fee-cuts on their preferred education programs. This will help you generally elevate the standard of education in an organization.

PCU also offers its partner employers to use its online academic platform to hold custom training sessions for its employees. This helps companies maintain a high standard of academic and professional qualification in the company. The Partnership Program’s overall result shows the employers can increase the retention rate of employees in their organization because of the merits of Partnership with PCU.

Advance E- Learning System
PCU uses the latest and most advanced learning management system. E- learning system is a true self-paced and self-study experience for students
Course Content Quality
Choose from the most in-demand courses designed by industry expert educationists to enrich student learning experience.
World’s Largest University
The world’s largest university in terms of program options and courses offered. It offers a variety of flexible, affordable, quick and high quality programs
Global Best Education Platform
PCU has an excellent online education management. It allows working adults to design their own schedules so that they can study at their own convenience
Exclusive Pricing & Discounts
Students are offered exclusive discounted tuition fee packages when they enroll through a partner of the university. Lowest fee structure globally!
Online Class Rooms
Students at PCU are offered online lectures which they can access anytime from their desktops, laptops, tablets as well as smart phones.

Co-branded website

Pacific Cambria University oers state of the art co-branded website, which helps enrolling students online.

Dedicated Website and Page

A dedicated and personalized website shall be provided along with a branded page where students can easily enrol through you.

Account Area

The online account area provides alerts and updates for partners. Additionally the partners can use the area to directly enroll students into Pacific Cambria University.

Dedicated Team and Consultation

Furtheron as a Partner, a specific team will be allocated which will include Brand, Graphics Design, Development, Soware, Search Engine Optimization and other Technical Support Departments.

Marketing Collateral

Flyers, brochures, presentation and all kinds of marketing collateral art are provided to partners in order to facilitate them in recruiting and enrolling students in the partner area.

Partner Certificate

An official partnership certificate is provided to partners, certifying their status as Pacific Cambria University partner in their respective region

As Pacific Cambria University Certified Educational Partner, the following activities are required:

  • Help and assist students in choosing Pacific Cambria University for their higher education
  • Promote Pacific Cambria University programs in your region by using traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques.
  • Represent the University in trade exhibitions and fairs and public conferences etc.
  • Work as an Enrollment Oicer for Pacific Cambria University and be dedicated to meet the enrolment targets.
  • Collect tuition fee on the behalf of the University
  • Work as a Representative for Pacific Cambria University and meet or greet enrolled students if and when required.
  • Choose a particular number of hours to dedicate to the University.

Application Procedure

Apply Now

Give your necessary information and apply online

Telephone interview

PCU faculty recruitment committee will do an interview of short-listed candidates

Approval and Activation

Upon the acceptance of your application, you will at last turn out to be our partner. We will give you then your partnership Kit and your co-branded website will be activated online.

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