Pacific Cambria University's Career Management Center follows a distinctive approach to assist students in improving their career prospects. We focus on getting our students in touch with the finest organizations, operating in their respective industries. The Career Management Center provides students the most effective tools, helping them to reach their professional goals.

Pacific Cambria University's Career Management Center has developed a 3-Step Process. Through this process, our students are able to enhance their career prospects and explore new horizons for success, regardless whether they choose to switch careers into a new industry, or move ahead starting their own business.

Step 1: Identify Yourself And Priorities

The first, and most important step is to identify your priorities, and yourself. The Career Management Center will provide you with a number of self-assessment trainings, and one-on-one counseling sessions to help you learn about your strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and sources of motivation. The Career Management Center's academic advisors connect with you from the first day of enrollment, so that you can start down your academic and career paths immediately.

Step 2: Become Familiar With The Professional World

Becoming familiar with the professional world doesn’t mean that you remain connected with your current employer's practices. To be ready for new opportunities, you need to gain an understanding of globally followed practices, demands, requirements, and hiring techniques.

This can be done by networking through PCU's expansive alumni network, attending career fairs and workshops, and by becoming a member of professional clubs and associations. We regularly hold informative how-to seminars on hot topics applicable to our students so that you can gain an understanding in the professional world, from a variety of different perspectives.

Step 3: Compare Yourself With The Professional World

Keeping in mind your job seeking plans, PCU's Career Management Center helps to facilitate your professional growth with tools that are essential when applying for jobs and internships. Comparing yourself and the professional world is an essential step; you will be prompted to learn about resume writing, networking and interviewing. In addition, PCU offers students opportunities prepare for industry-specific interviews, internships, and other job seeking planning sessions.