Pacific Cambria University helps you to define your career path and guides you in the right direction. Our goal, for all of our students, is to achieve a prosperous career. We have distinctive career development resources designed to assist students in pursuing their educational goals.

Our Career Development Resources are as follows:


Pacific Cambria University facilitates students in assessing and exploring their passions, skills, competencies, and areas for improvement. Through our set of effective tools, you can develop a better understanding of yourself, your aspirations, and objectives.

One-On-One Career Training

One-on-one career training services are provided to our students online. They are tailored to provide complete support so that you can successfully attain your objectives and goals. These training programs are designed to help you build comprehensive strategies for your career, get you well prepared for professional meetings and interviews. We are dedicated to helping you throughout your degree, and your job seeking process.

Career Workshops

Pacific Cambria University makes significant efforts to help you prepare for lucrative careers in the competitive global marketplace. To this end, PCU organizes a number of workshops designed to train you in different areas including resume wiring, cover letter writing, and more, designed for your specific area of study. Alumni are welcome to attend these workshops as well.

Access To Alumni

We connect our students with PCU alumni currently working in top organizations across the world. We use the most effective social platforms to encourage networking, connection, and communication.

Professional Clubs

Pacific Cambria University provides peer support through a variety of professional clubs. These clubs have been established to provide support from professionals working in different sectors, in different parts of the world. Students are encouraged to connect online with relevant professionals in their field of choice. PCU further arranges gust speaker session online through our professionals clubs.